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January 30 2018

All day today cpb Steve is responding to everyone with “fifteen days til pitchers and catchers” because Bucky declared this a “Politics Free or Divorce Decree” day.


i’m so far up marvel’s ass that i keep forgetting there are…casual fans….and here i am like, with a  fucking powerpoint presentation and shit about infinity war and most people outside the internet are like ‘oh cool’ LIKE NO SARAH NOT COOL, THIS IS MY ENTIRE LIFE AND THE LAST 10 YEARS HAVE LED UP TO THIS SARAH COME BACK I’M NOT DONE WITH MY PRESENTATION

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The Odin Family “Fight Me” Move

January 29 2018

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“when a man does something well, we congratulate him. when a woman does something well, we drop her in thunderdome to battle other women for the title of Sole Woman Who Is Good At Things.”

sarah of high heart   

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You can’t tell because there has yet to be a camera invented that can capture a really good skyscape, but that bright blob was a perfectly vertical obvious rift in the sky draining energy from northeastern cincinnati.

I expect any day to learn necromancy and begin my love affair with a large horned fellow.

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Photo by Matt

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me all day: can’t wait to go home and sleep I’m so tired and so ready for the sweet release of lying down and not being awake

me in bed: guess I’m gonna be here for the next two hours trying to find a comfortable sleeping position and getting my fucking brain to shut up

January 28 2018

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I am Chidi. Chidi is me.

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you’re good

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1 - Baikal ice emerald

2 - Frozen lighthouse on Lake Michigan shore

3 - Frozen bubbles

4 - Frozen flower buds

5 - Frozen lakes

6 - Ice blossoms

7 - Frosted lace (frozen spider webs)

8 - Folded snow

9 - Flowers after ice storm

10 - Frozen tree

11 - Frozen pond

12 - Frozen leaf after freezing rain (China)

13 - Frost crystals

14 - Frozen berries

15 - Frost flowers in the Arctic Ocean

16 - Frosted pine

17 - Icicles on a blooming apple tree

18 - Frosted grass

19 - Snow roller

20 - Grass after ice rain

21 - Frozen flowers

22 - Frozen bush

23 - Leaf after ice rain

January 27 2018

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Ah yes, the three genders: Girl, Boy, and Mischief

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Woman Sets Up Bird Feeder Photo Booth to Capture Close-Ups of Feathered Friends

The Best Post

of COURSE the mourning dove just sits on the food

#they’re so fat and stupid #i love them

Me, too! Mourning doves are some of my fav birds to work with ^.^

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nobody else sees it as a failure, it’s just you

(#19) (>NOT/BUT archive)

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This is honestly the best latte art I’ve ever seen and I’m shocked I didn’t see it sooner.

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