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May 23 2018


me as a hotel receptionist: *greets guests by playing hotel california but cutting it off right before they say california*

May 22 2018

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this has probably been done before




I could use your spare vibes for landing this ideal job I just interviewed for if you have them.

Eeeeeeeeee keep em coming (please), the final interview is on tuesday!!

Don’t want to jinx it, but I should hear by the end of the week.




so i saw some people discussing how loki in ragnarok shouldn’t have been at all phased or subverted by dr. strange – which i agree with, but also, hey, it’s comedic and you can argue that he was taken off-guard, but upon re-watch, something stuck out to me –

there’s this moment when they appear at the bottom of the stairs and thor rolls down the last couple and stands up and he says

we could’ve just walked.

and it made me think of how magic works in terry pratchett’s novels, how (to paraphrase) the hard part wasn’t turning someone into a frog, it was not turning someone into a frog when you knew how easy it was.

like, the whole scene with dr. strange is just. all magic. all pointless magic. unnecessary magic, when, well. they could have just walked.

whereas loki doesn’t really rely on magic overmuch in the movie – he uses it as a tool, when he needs it, but if the job can be done with plain old non-magical trickery or a knife, he just uses those. he resorts to magic when he’s cornered by valkyrie, he uses it when his goals are most directly accomplished by using magic rather than by other means.

whereas dr. strange is using magic all over his scene, just to use it. just because he can. magic was unnecessary for ninety percent of what he did in that scene, the only time he needed magic was to whisk them away to norway. but he teleported all over the place even when he only needed to move a few feet, gave thor an ever-refilling beer that just spilled everywhere, floated around to make a show of how ~magical~ he was, when…

he could have just walked.

i mean, i’m very sure that the filmmakers intended it for comedic effect, but there’s also a layer there of dr. strange being much less comfortable with magic than loki is – loki doesn’t need to bust out the magic at every opportunity, it’s simply a skill, a tool that is completely under his control and at his disposal. whereas dr. strange (at least in his scene in ragnarok) is showing off, which reeks of insecurity.

i guess i’m thinking… if you take the magic away, loki is still a deadly, formidable opponent with many tricks up his sleeve, but dr. strange is just a guy in a cape.

this is good and true because in the comics loki and dr strange got in a fight in a parking lot and then both of them had their magic taken away so loki just punched stephen through a wall and called it a gay ass day

in fairness most days for Loki are gay ass days regardless of how many wizards he punches

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On the one hand, I need everyone to fucking stop asking invasive, personal, insensitive, and offensive questions to celebrities and start remembering they are people and we arent entitled to their innermost thoughts and feelings, and maybe approach them with some respect once in a while.

On the other hand, Sebastian Stan is a grown ass man and I respect the hell out of his mastery of the troll game.

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Bisexual pride tulips

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May 21 2018

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So I was taking a shower and we were low on soap so i thought to myself, oh when I get out i need to bring a new soap loaf in here. Soap loaf? That’s not it. Soap … loaf. Soap. Loaf?

And spent the rest of my shower trying to remember what that thing was called.

For the record, it’s called a bar. I’ve also heard cake.

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Bucky x Steve || Brooklyn (Go Hard)


Avengers: Huh, it’s been a while since Thor’s been back, hope he isn’t too confused about all of our new members and what’s been going on.

Thor: *flying into battle with an axe* Hey everyone nice to meet ya by the way I’ve brought back Banner also meet my friends Rabbit and Tree I’ll introduce you to my space team and my friend throckmorton and my personal drunk hero later at the family dinner xoxoxo oh yeah also made up with loki watched him die but he could also be that random green snake right there, lost an eye gained an eye lost my hammer gained an axe also the rest of Asgard and I need to crash with one of you because *jean ralphio voice* tECHNICALLY I’M HOMELESSSSSSS

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May 20 2018

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This is simultaneously comforting and uncomfortable

A clear river flowing with leaves

Runs through a red forest of trees

Such a vision of maple

Is a boon if you’re able

To sit still and attain inner peace


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Goob invented a board game. It’s super fun.

if tumblr puts one more gd post on my dash that I don’t want to see, I’m just going to message my phone number to the dozen or so people I interact with and start texting each other memes. Like, hell. I am three steps from printing things at the library and fucking mailing amusing pictures to people.

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